Our Values


In all aspects, we strive for quality. Quality in our products, our processes, and ourselves. The things we build are refined and created to stand the test of time.

Human Connection

Human connections like family, friends, personal relationships, as well as our relationships with the greater community, are what give life its value. It is important that we remember this and not let other aspects of life get in the way.

Aesthetics and Design

We realize that the look and feel of things has an impact on human perception in a very primal way – one that is often difficult to explain. We realize this, embrace it, and incorporate these instinctual perceptions of how things make us feel into the soul of what we do.


Passion keeps us excited about tomorrow. Find your passions and devote yourself to them. Enjoy them. Keep them. Expand them.


Privacy must be upheld and protected. Our users rely on us to safeguard their personal lives. We must not impede on their privacy in any way, and we must safeguard everything they disclose to us with the strongest locks available.

Curiosity and Exploration

The future of the company will be guided by the creativity of our people. We embrace our curiosity and encourage exploration into the avenues our curiosity might lead us down. We bring others along to share our findings. We bring what we can back, and use those insights to plant the seed for the next wave of company growth.


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Separately we are strong, but together, we are unstoppable. We work together on challenges. We step in to provide aid when another struggles. Working alone will inevitably lead to roadblocks, and so we do our best to keep others involved so they might help us navigate. We enjoy the collaboration and the journey along the way.


Knowledge gives us the ability to explore a wider swath of possible paths into the future. Education provides us with knowledge. Expanding our horizons and educating ourselves, often in unfamiliar subjects, will provide us with the foresight to navigate our world. Knowledge also, of course, adds to the richness of life.

Embracing Challenge

We will face challenges. Things will go wrong. It may seem as if there is no way out. This assumption is wrong. We confide in one another the difficulties we are facing, and we embrace them. We revel in the puzzles of life and overcome them.


Looking around at the experiences available on Earth, we realize that they are, indeed, reachable. If there is an experience we wish to go through, there is nothing holding us back but ourselves. Go for it.


We value you, reading this right now. Whether you own a piece of Empyral, or whether you’ve just discovered us. We value you, your beliefs, and what you stand for.