About Us

Mission statement

Empyral was founded with the belief that aesthetics, design, and movement can be merged with useful and invigorating data in a way that will transform the mundane into the extraordinary.


Empyral builds technology-infused art that separates the user from endless streams of information to an environment with calm, elegant interfaces that provide just the right amount of content in a beautiful setting.

In the long term, we will build a suite of connected devices that act in harmony with the life of the user. These devices are designed to help achieve a seamless, pleasant life, filled with positive accomplishments, lifestyles, and personal fulfillment while reducing the distractions and mindlessness traps that can get in the way. We envision an Empyral device in millions of homes within the next 10 years.

In the short term, we are building our first product. The Empyral Gallery is a series of modular art pieces that connect to one another and convey useful everyday data in the form of mesmerizing and intuitive kinetic sculptures.