Welcome to Empyral

What Is Empyral

Empyral was a company which produced mesmerizing smart kinetic art that conveyed real-time data.

Temperature and Precipitation

A wooden dial moves along an aluminum arch to show current temperature. An umbrella opens or closes to showcase today's precipitation.

Day of the Week

One of seven tabs raises up in a remarkably simple design to convey the day of the week.


A series of wave-shaped panels raise or lower themselves based on the current local coastal tides.

Commute Time

A beautiful aluminum helix corkscrews itself out to show how long your current commute would take, ranging from 0 minutes to 1 hour.


A complex series of interconnected shapes morph from a sun to a snowflake when there is fresh snow on it's way to a location of your choice. The best way to know when it's about to be a powder day.

Empyral Logo designed by Frieda Rapp: friedarapp.com

Animations and computer renderings by Samrah Ahmad: @cinderelephant

Video shot and edited by Chayse McLaughlin

Sun/Snowflake prototype hand-built by Brad Litwin of Brad Litwin Kinetic Works